Monday, March 15, 2010

Prairie Sky#5


  1. These are GORGEOUS.

  2. I love your paintings.

    How large are they?

  3. Spectacular! :-D I REALLY LIKE THIS ONE. Mary :-D

  4. Wayne,
    Gosh! these are great offerings. They are fantastic! I wonder how long would it take to complete one. Thanks for your visit.

    P/S I used to do soft pastels when young, but just for fun. Hung a few at home, that was it. Recently, I happened to browse onto some very good Art Blogs. It inspired me to create a blog of my own to accompany a verse with a pastel sketch. (which you visited).
    It is a motivation to force myself to produce a sketch on a more regular basis ( there's a whole year 2011 looming ahead ) I hope to touch on oils in the course of the year ( which I did very little before)
    Your paintings are a beauty. It's certainly an added inspiration. Will make regular visits.
    Have a great week-end and God bless you!

  5. Wayne,
    Apologies! I had returned your visit to my blog 'birdhouse'. You've not visited the Art blog which I had mentioned above. Please do at:



  6. I particularly like this painting. I grew up in the plains.

  7. Very beautiful. I find the prairies difficult to paint, but you got some soul into this one. Nice work.